27. Oktober 2015

Joey's weekly challenge # 79

This is my very first participation on Joey's weekly challenge. I'm new to drawing 
and would be happy to learn from others. 
As I wrote in earlier posts - I'm already addicted to Zentangle! 
This Alphabet Monotangle challenge was up to the letter P and Joey proposed Pea Nuckle. Phew - for me it was very difficult; I started several times! 
I hope my result conforms to the monotangle rules and I thank you very much for any feedback.
(fantastic that the Link Up never closes, so I can rework the other challenges)
Thank you Joey for this interesting challenge.


  1. Welcome! I'm so glad that you have found my challenge and that you gave Pea Knuckle a try! I found it a VERY hard tangle myself, which is why they challenge my tangling skills. We can all learn helpful tips and inspiration from each other!
    I hope that you will continue to try the previous challenges, we'll be reaching the end of the alphabet monotangles soon and will then move onto other challenging techniques in Zentangle.
    Wonderful to have you join in,
    ~ joey ~

    1. Thank you very much Joey for your kind welcome! It's comforting to to see, that PeaNuckle was also hard for you :) and yes, I will continue with the previous challenges. Greetings Esther